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Industry Insights from Red Mountain Resort

After fifteen years in the spa and wellness industry, we consider our clients like family! This year we look forward to sharing this knowledge, experience and expertise within our community monthly, starting with Marci Howard-May, Director of Spa & Wellness at Red Mountain Resort.
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Wellness In The Workplace

5 tips for embracing healthy living in the workplace

As a wellness professional, you have dedicated your career towards helping others look and feel amazing, but it can be hard to practice what you preach. Finding time for healthy meals, active living and mental balance can be difficult. 
Personal care and healthy living is crucial to your ongoing success, so start with these 5 simple steps and feel the results in no time!


  1. Breakfast
It’s easy to rush out the door without eating, but starting the day with a protein filled and healthy breakfast helps to get you started on the right foot. Try healthy and filling fats like avocado and egg toast or a nutrient rich cereal!


Drink Water
  1. Drink Water.
It seems so simple and yet this can be one of the hardest daily new habits to acquire. Try having a large jug of infused water available at the front desk for both clients and yourself at all times. If it is visible and easily accessible it will help you increase your intake. With 8 recommended glasses a day and an 8 hour work day, try squeezing in a glass every hour on the hour.


  1. Move & Stretch.
Find 5 or 10 minutes a day for some light exercise or stretching. Regardless of whether or not your career requires a lot of sitting or a lot of standing, there are simple stretches that can help to alleviate tension and stiffness. Your body will thank you!


Healthy Snacks
  1. Healthy snacks.
Just like starting the day with a healthy breakfast, it is equally important to maintain this momentum throughout the rest of your day by having healthy snacks like fruits or vegetables easily accessible. Avoid unhealthy snacking by incorporating protein rich nuts to help keep you feeling full.


  1. Go outside.
There is plenty of research supporting the mental and physical benefits of sun and fresh air. We understand that a walk in the park might not fit in your busy schedule, but try something small like enjoying your morning coffee outdoors, or leaving the door open in between treatments. Enjoy a quick moment outdoors and feel the benefits of a refreshing and wellness filled day.


Do you have any great office wellness tips you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

Why I Didn't Get On The Plane: 15 Tips for Starting Entrepreneurs

15 tips for starting entrepreneurs

Don’t Get On The Plane

Fifteen years ago I was home in Canada on a short visit with my family when I suddenly had a choice to make. After years of working over seas in the hospitality industry, where I had enjoyed designing clothes as a personal passion, I found myself on home soil creating a custom tunic for my pregnant sister.  

A one off design that suddenly sparked something deeper.

My return flight was booked, I had a career that I loved waiting for me overseas, but I couldn’t shake the desire to see this thing through. A yearning to introduce the wellness industry to the figure flattering and functional uniform designs they deserved.

So I didn’t get on the plane. 

Instead, I took a leap of faith into my entrepreneurial journey and have never looked back.  Over the last fifteen years I have experienced some ups and downs, but this is what I’ve learned:

  1. Always Trust Your Gut.  There will be times when it’s you against the world and you have to believe in what you feel. 

  2. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded and Supportive People. The first step toward success is a positive attitude. You will encounter enough negative energy in the years to come, you don’t need that weighing you down as you grow.

  3. Take A Risk (just maybe not too many!) If business was safe and easy then everyone would do it! Trust in yourself, your product or your service and jump in!

  4. Do Something Different. Let your creativity shine! A unique and authentic idea is the key to standing out in any market.

  5. Take The Good With The Bad. Your journey won’t always be smooth sailing, but there is something to be learned from every experience. Take it in, learn from it and grow.

  6. Don’t Rush. Good ideas often take time.  Don’t expect overnight success, but also don’t be disappointed if it takes longer to achieve your goals. Every step in the right direction, big or small, matters.

  7. Find Balance. As a wife and mother of three this was critical for me to establish early on. There needs to be a balance between life and career, neither has to suffer at the expense of the other, but find a way to build them both equally.

  8. Network. You never know who you will meet – or how these relationships will grow over time! I once sat beside a gentleman on an airplane who turned out to be a hotelier and they have grown into one of our best clients!

  9. Never Settle. Don’t accept anything less than perfect in your pursuit for success. Set the standard and hold yourself and your team accountable. 

  10. Ask For Help. Be humble and accept assistance when you need it. There is no shame in needing a helping hand, whether from other entrepreneurs, industry professionals or your team to help your business grow.

  11. Keep Learning. Read everything. Absorb information like a sponge whenever you can. Standard practices constantly grow and develop and you want to stay as up to date as possible. 

  12. Do What You Care About. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, it makes it that much easier to persevere. 

  13. Hire Character. Your people are everything. Build a community of like-minded people who will drive your ideas forward.

  14. Set Goals. Put everything on paper and hold yourself accountable. 

  15. Live Well. Manage your energy, not your time. Eat well, get a good night’s sleep, drink lots of water. Your energy controls what you can do with your time. Make the most of it.