Wellness In The Workplace

Wellness In The Workplace

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5 tips for embracing healthy living in the workplace

As a wellness professional, you have dedicated your career towards helping others look and feel amazing, but it can be hard to practice what you preach. Finding time for healthy meals, active living and mental balance can be difficult. 
Personal care and healthy living is crucial to your ongoing success, so start with these 5 simple steps and feel the results in no time!


  1. Breakfast
It’s easy to rush out the door without eating, but starting the day with a protein filled and healthy breakfast helps to get you started on the right foot. Try healthy and filling fats like avocado and egg toast or a nutrient rich cereal!


Drink Water
  1. Drink Water.
It seems so simple and yet this can be one of the hardest daily new habits to acquire. Try having a large jug of infused water available at the front desk for both clients and yourself at all times. If it is visible and easily accessible it will help you increase your intake. With 8 recommended glasses a day and an 8 hour work day, try squeezing in a glass every hour on the hour.


  1. Move & Stretch.
Find 5 or 10 minutes a day for some light exercise or stretching. Regardless of whether or not your career requires a lot of sitting or a lot of standing, there are simple stretches that can help to alleviate tension and stiffness. Your body will thank you!


Healthy Snacks
  1. Healthy snacks.
Just like starting the day with a healthy breakfast, it is equally important to maintain this momentum throughout the rest of your day by having healthy snacks like fruits or vegetables easily accessible. Avoid unhealthy snacking by incorporating protein rich nuts to help keep you feeling full.


  1. Go outside.
There is plenty of research supporting the mental and physical benefits of sun and fresh air. We understand that a walk in the park might not fit in your busy schedule, but try something small like enjoying your morning coffee outdoors, or leaving the door open in between treatments. Enjoy a quick moment outdoors and feel the benefits of a refreshing and wellness filled day.


Do you have any great office wellness tips you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

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