How you present yourself to the world matters. That’s why we offer a range of styles and fabrics to help you create the right look for you and your team. Whether you need beautifully detailed, flattering tunics, high-performing compression leggings, or want to ensure your uniform is made from sustainable materials, we’re here to help you dress for success in pieces
Made For The Way You Move.™

As a premium uniform store, with over two decades of experience, we elevate how teams of all sizes work in hospitality, healthcare, health and wellness, and the beauty industry with tailored, fashionable, high-performing, durable pieces. Shop spa tunics, tops, pants, suiting, and more with a range of styles, fabric, and sizes available.

Signature Fabric

Your signature is part of your identity. So when it was time to create our signature fabric we knew it needed to stand out. Our signature fabric is dependable, comfortable, and sets our uniforms apart from any other you may have tried. It’s breathable, durable, anti-bacterial and won’t fade no matter how many wash cycles you put it through. We're proud to put our name on it and know you'll be proud to show off your new uniform.

athletic fabric

What if the uniforms you wear helped the planet? They can. Our Sustainable Performance Fabric is made from recycled water bottles that are crushed, pelleted, and spun into the fabric we use. It’s made even better with a biodegradable Chitosante treatment to ensure it’s both soft to wear and keeps you safe with UPF50 sun protection. Plus, Chitosante is the only antibacterial bio-agent in the world to be certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

It’s also moisture-wicking, breathable, fast-drying, odor-resistant, static free, pill resistant, and sure to be your favorite.

Faux Linen

Carefree and cool—that’s how you’ll feel when you put on pieces from our Faux Linen Collection. With the chic, relaxed feel of linen and the durability of a uniform, it’s the best of both worlds wrapped up in stylish tops, tunics, and bottoms.

New Ecosignature

Same Signature, better ending. Made from biodegradable polyester and spandex (to be replaced with biodegradable spandex once available) provides the integrity required for the lifespan of a uniform, that will safely  degrade in soil with no harmful substances  released. Our new EcoSignature fabric provides the same benefits you know and love in our Signature fabric, with a better end of life outcome. The fabric looks and feels exactly the same—soft, stretchy, and durable—but safely degrades when it’s lived its life. Better for you, better for the planet. 

Two women and one man wearing beige tunics and beige pants.

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