Spa Consultants Emerge as Invaluable Resources for New Spa Businesses in 2024

Spa Consultants Emerge as Invaluable Resources for New Spa Businesses in 2024

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Looking Back and Looking Ahead at the Spa and Wellness Industry with Lynn Curry, CSC


In the world of luxury resorts and high-end hospitality, spas are no longer an amenity but a necessity. Today, spa experiences are an integral part of a guest’s journey, offering relaxation, rejuvenation, and wellness. But behind the scenes of these tranquil havens lies a complex web of expertise and consultation that shapes the modern spa landscape.


We had the opportunity to sit down with Lynn Curry of Curry Spa Consulting (CSC), a seasoned Spa Consultant with a rich history in the industry. From her humble beginnings at Hyatt Resorts Hawaii to launching her own consulting business, Lynn has witnessed firsthand the evolution of spa consulting and its ever-growing importance in today's market.


From Sales to Consulting: A Personal Journey

Lynn's journey into spa consulting was serendipitous. "I was working for Hyatt Resorts Hawaii in the late 80s as a pre-opening sales manager," Lynn reminisces. "Sylvia Sepielli, who was heading up all spa operations for Hyatt properties in Hawaii, recruited me to help open Spa Grande. That's where my journey into spa management began with one of the industry’s best mentors."


It was during her time at Spa Grande that Lynn found her passion for spa operations. Later, she transitioned into consulting, learning the consulting ropes from Janet Denyer, who hired Lynn as her first employee at her consulting firm. "I found my niche in consulting, and after the economic downfall, I launched my own company" Lynn reflects. "It was a challenging time, but it allowed me to carve out my own path in the industry."


The Role of a Spa Consultant Today

In today's booming wellness industry, spa consultants play a pivotal role in shaping the guest experience. According to Lynn, the demand for spa expertise has never been higher. "Owners are realizing the importance of spas in upscale and luxury sectors," she explains. "Developers understand that a well-designed spa is essential for the success of their projects."


But what sets a seasoned spa consultant apart? Lynn emphasizes the importance of specialization, creativity, and collaboration. "Architectural teams need expertise to create spas that are experiential for guests, functional for operations, and generate an ROI" she says. "Specialty concepts, design, equipment, and creativity are essential in development."


She also touches on the role of a consultant as a guide to ensure the vision of leadership is executed to the finest details, explaining, “A spa consultant is familiar with a brand’s standards, and will work closely with the brand once that selection has been made. There is a tremendous team effort between corporate wellness leaders and experienced spa consultants who, together, make the spa, wellness center, fitness facility, salon, and thermal experiences so much better for owner, operator, and guest.”


Establishing Positive Vendor and Resource Partner Relationships 

When it comes to selecting resource partners and vendors for spa projects, Lynn brings a wealth of experience and insight. She emphasizes the significance of choosing partners who not only offer great products, but also who share similar values to her company, explaining, “We work with resource partners who have a great product, stand behind their deliverable, make sustainability efforts, and have fabulous sales teams who follow up and educate.”


Lynn underscores the importance of effective communication and understanding between consultants and resource partners, particularly regarding the unique dynamics of the spa industry. For Lynn's consulting firm, which operates purely as consultants without direct purchasing involvement, finding partners who grasp the lengthy lead times involved in client decision-making is essential. 


Patience, she stresses, is a virtue appreciated in such collaborative endeavors. Lynn's approach exemplifies how cultivating strong partnerships based on mutual understanding and aligned goals is integral to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of spa consulting, ensuring successful project outcomes and unforgettable guest experiences. 


Building Successful Spa Projects: A Collaborative Effort

Lynn's experience in consulting spans a wide range of projects, from new openings to renovations. One notable project she led was the renovation of Frenchman's Reef, which was devastated by a hurricane. "Renovations are the most complicated of consulting projects, but also the most rewarding," Lynn reflects.


The success of the Frenchman's Reef renovation was a result of extreme communication and collaboration. Lynn highlights the importance of teamwork, stating, "It takes a village! But that is true for all of us, whether we serve as resource partners, consultants, operators, or owners."


Looking Ahead: The Future of Spa Consulting

As we look to the future, Lynn remains optimistic about the spa industry's trajectory. "Spas will remain a strong industry," she predicts. "True wellness offerings will continue to thrive, alongside technological innovations."


According to EHL Insights, this notion that the spa industry will remain strong isn’t far-fetched. “The spa services market represents an 88-billion-dollar global industry and is expected to grow by over 17 percent to 260 billion dollars between 2023 and 2030. The spa services market is somewhat riding on the coattails of the wider wellness industry which is currently experiencing rapid growth.”


In addition to this expected increase in the prevalence of the spa industry, Lynn also expects to continue to see a shift in staffing trends, with more people drawn to careers in wellness. "Owners and operators are paying attention to the wellness benefits employees seek," she says. "I believe we can attract the younger generation to work in our industry."


Spa consulting has come a long way since its inception. Today, consultants like Lynn Curry and Jessica Schorr (who has worked for Lynn for over seven years) play a crucial role in shaping the guest experience, driving innovation, and ensuring the success of spa projects. As the industry continues to evolve, one thing remains constant: the dedication and passion of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to create unforgettable spa experiences.

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