The Importance of Ordering Body-Inclusive Spa Uniforms & Scrubs

The Importance of Ordering Body-Inclusive Spa Uniforms & Scrubs

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In recent years, the fashion industry has begun to reflect the moving cultural needle, pushing away from the “one size fits all…as long as that size is a size one” mentality, and toward a celebration of all bodies. Body inclusivity and positivity assert that every person deserves to feel good in their skin, and that their shape – whatever it is – is the perfect shape to be. At NAU, we think body positivity should extend beyond the weekend wardrobe, and into the scrubs, spa uniforms, and tunics industry professionals wear every day. 


All of our NAU scrubs and spa uniforms range from XXS-XXXXL – ensuring each unique team member can enjoy the daily satisfaction of a perfect fit. Need more convincing? Here are our favorite reasons for outfitting your teams with body-inclusive uniforms.


Uniforms (Can) Promote a Culture of Inclusivity.

When you prioritize outfitting your team with uniforms that work for every body size, you create an environment that welcomes a wide range of individuals, instead of excluding them. It clearly communicates that every team member is valued and respected – and that their experience has been considered – whatever the size printed on their uniform tags. This inclusivity fosters a sense of belonging within your team, and can help bolster your supportive and positive company culture.

A Good Fit Enhances Team Member Confidence. 

Uniforms that accommodate different body sizes ensure that every team member feels comfortable and confident when they get dressed for work. Ill-fitting or restrictive uniforms can lead to discomfort, self-consciousness, and a general lack of confidence – which can detract from a person’s performance and overall well-being at work. By providing uniforms that fit and function well, while flattering a wide range of body types, you empower team members to focus on their skills and abilities, rather than their appearance.


Quality Uniforms Improve Employee Performance and Safety.

In addition to boosting confidence, well-fitting uniforms contribute to higher-performing and safer employees. When uniforms are too tight, restrictive, or uncomfortable, they can impede movement, hinder performance, and increase the risk of injuries. By providing uniforms that accommodate different body sizes, you ensure that all team members can move freely and execute their daily tasks to the best of their abilities (and look great while they do so).


It Sends the Right Message to Prospective Employees and the Community.

Representation is one of the most powerful tools for encouraging a diverse group of newcomers to apply to your team. By ordering uniforms that are inclusive of different body sizes, people from all backgrounds and body types will feel confident in applying. They’ll be encouraged to know their experience has been considered and their size can be accommodated, which, in turn, attracts a wider pool of talent and promotes diversity within your team. This inclusivity also sends a message to the wider community, counteracting harmful body image stereotypes and encouraging a more positive and accepting work environment, for every person in your employ.


PC: OVME Aesthetics wearing the Jada Tunic in white & black with Matte black zip. 

Being body size inclusive when ordering uniforms is not only important for boosting employee confidence, increasing performance, cultivating a positive team image, and encouraging diversity, but it also can be incredibly easy. By opting for uniforms that accommodate the range of sizes (like ours at NAU), you naturally create a more welcoming and supportive environment for all team members – which feels as good and simple a reason as any employer could ask for.

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