7 Reasons Why Underscrubs Are a Nurse's Best Friend

7 Reasons Why Underscrubs Are a Nurse's Best Friend

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Nurse underscrubs or baselayers are garments designed to be worn underneath your scrubs. Originally, these garments were essential short or long-sleeve layers between a nurse’s skin and thick, scratchy scrub tops. Today, as most scrubs are made from intentional fabrics or blends that are made both for the job and the wearer’s comfort, these layers are no longer necessary to save your skin from major irritation. They do, however, still have a lot of benefits for nurses as they build their daily uniforms.



1. They add comfort. 

Made from soft, breathable fabrics, underscrubs provide an extra layer of comfort between your skin and your uniform. These staple pieces contribute to added security and ease of movement by covering undergarments and exposed skin – allowing for more unrestricted motion and added modesty, no matter how physical or dynamic the task.


2. They help with moisture management.

It’s not news that nurses often work in physically demanding environments that can lead to sweating. Underscrubs help manage perspiration by wicking away moisture from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout even the longest, most gruelling shifts.


3. They add a barrier between you and harmful UVs. 

Our Asmar Scrubs baselayers have built-in UPF 50 sun protection and are made with a biodegradable Chitosante treatment that ensures every item is both soft to wear and effective at keeping you safe from the sun’s harmful rays. As an added bonus, Chitosante is the only antibacterial bio-agent in the world to be certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Read more summer uniform tips and tricks here.


4. They help keep you warm.

When the air conditioning works a little *too* well, having an underscrub baselayer can help regulate your body temperature and keep you warm. Especially in clinical settings, where temperatures may get brisk throughout the day, underscrubs provide an extra layer of insulation – helping you stay comfortable and focused on the aspects of your job that matter most.


5. They help protect your skin from the hazards of the job.

Underscrubs increase your uniform’s effectiveness both by protecting your exposed skin and by adding another secure layer beneath your outer scrub fabric. This not only prevents potential skin irritation from contact with certain materials, but also creates a physical and antibacterial barrier between you and accidental spills, splashes, bodily fluids, and more.


6. They’re stylish and flattering.

Underscrubs are available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to choose the designs that match your preferences, suit your body type, or adhere to any dress code requirements designated by your employer. Additionally, underscrubs can enhance the overall appearance of your uniform and provide a more tailored look that holds up throughout the day (or night).


7. They (can be) eco-conscious.

Our Noel Asmar underscrubs can be a staple item in your eco-conscious uniform setup. Our baselayers not only contribute to the longevity of your uniforms but are made from recycled water bottles. Additionally, our items are Oeko-Tex and Blue Sign certified, ensuring the material we use is free of harmful chemicals and components and adheres to sustainability standards.

Here are our favorite Noel Asmar staple under scrubs:

Sara Baselayer, $38


Claude Baselayer, $38


Whether you’re choosing a baselayer for comfort or style, protection or warmth, we’re so glad you’re choosing NAU.

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