Our Step-by-Step Guide for Outfitting Your Team as a Spa Professional

Our Step-by-Step Guide for Outfitting Your Team as a Spa Professional

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Outfitting your team can be one of the biggest challenges that you face as a spa professional. There are a seemingly impossible number of considerations to make, like balancing comfort and professionalism, safety and performance, branding and employee input. Your uniforms should look great, help communicate your brand identity, perform well, keep employees safe, and flatter a wide range of body types. We know, this isn’t helping assuage your pre-ordering anxiety… yet. But, we’re here to make your job easier with our step-by-step guide to outfitting your team.


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1. Reach out directly or contact your account representative for the latest catalogs and lookbooks. 


Catalogs and lookbooks are created to inform and inspire your spa uniform choices. They can help you visualize all the styles and selections available to you, literally laying out all your options on the virtual table – which, we think, is always the best place to start. Reach out to us directly or contact your account representative to get started.

2. Communicate either via email or arrange for a video call to discuss style and color options, and your requirements.


Once you’ve laid out your options and determined what you like and what you don’t, you can begin to hone your selections, working with your representative to discuss your style and color preferences, as well as your spa uniform’s unique requirements. Start this discussion by reaching out via email or scheduling a video call with your representative directly.

3. Share any deadlines or timeline goals with your account representative. 


During your preliminary discussions, be sure to communicate with your representative the dates by which you’ll need your uniforms, and establish any timeline goals you have for your order. This helps ensure that you receive your uniform program promptly, and establishes clear expectations for you and your representative.


4. Order one size in each style that you are interested in to try on your team.


The best way to determine if a style will work for your team is by trying them on in person. We recommend ordering one size in each style you’re interested in, and letting your team provide feedback on their fit and function. These samples come from our inventory and will need to be returned or purchased within 45 days of being received.


5. Place your order using our sizing guide, or fit line.


Once you and your team have tried on various styles and selected your perfect uniform, you can place your order using our sizing guide. Alternatively, you can place a fit-line order that you can keep as part of your final order. If you are opening your spa and have not yet hired your team (therefore not yet knowing the appropriate sizes to order), we recommend you let us help you with this process – making it as seamless as possible as your new hires roll in.


6. Enjoy the victory of successfully outfitting your team in the perfect uniforms (and don’t forget we’re always here if you need us)! 

Take a moment to celebrate a job well done, and remember that uniform questions and requests are a normal and recurring aspect of outfitting your team. Your account representative is your go-to person for answering those questions and accommodating your requests, whenever they may occur. Whether it's your first day with your uniforms, or you’re in the thick of regular operations, we’re truly happy to help.

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