Meet Gloren—a nurse, instructor, and a wellness advocate.

“I want to present myself as a professional, in a respectable manner. I want to feel prepared for the day. When I wear a uniform that’s comfortable and stylish I’m confident. It makes me feel great about myself.”

 And that’s exactly what Noel Asmar Uniforms is all about. Founded in 2002, NAU is dedicated to dressing and empowering wellness professionals in a range of industries—from spa, hospitality, and beauty to medical and dental practitioners—for success.

 “It’s all about person-centered care” says Gloren, “That's so important.” With a lifelong desire to be a nurse, she says she’s always wanted to be the “go-to” person in her family if anyone needed help and is committed to motivating her own students to extend the same level of care as a nurse and healthcare worker.

 “I’m grateful for the opportunity to inspire my students in the same way my nursing instructors inspired me. There’s no easy path in the healthcare industry but if you’re here for the right reasons, and you care for patients the way you’d want someone to care for you or your family member, you’ll see how rewarding it is. I’m honoured to be a role model and my uniform makes me feel like a strong, positive and professional example of how to care for others.”

Purposefully designed with thoughtful details, all NAU pieces offer a superior, polished fit and give the wearer a full range of motion, because they’re all Made For the Way You Move. 

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