Taking Care in Every Sense

Taking Care in Every Sense

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August is Wellness Month.

We love celebrating and supporting wellness because we know how powerful and important wellness can be. We’re taking a few minutes to focus on creating a wellness-focused environment for you and your clients that incorporates every sense, ensuring an unforgettable experience that will leave your clients ready to return to again and again.

It might sound obvious, but presentation matters when it comes to your spa space. Color choices, lighting, layout, and even your uniform all work together and impact the feeling your clients have when they’re with you. Does your décor incorporate natural elements and add to feelings of calm, tranquility, and relaxation? Do your uniforms look professional and make you feel confident while showing your client you’re a trustworthy, knowledgeable professional? Creating a stunning space where all elements complement one another makes your clients feel at ease and makes you and your team proud to show off where you work.

Calming instrumentals? Soft nature sounds? The sound in your spa space is just as important as the look and feel. If you’re going to play music or have anything on in the background, curate a playlist to avoid any unwanted songs popping up on shuffle and make sure the volume is appropriate that you can still easily talk to your client. While some clients may enjoy making small talk or listening to music, some may want to soak up a few moments of silence— ask if they have a preference to help personalize the experience and achieve the ultimate level of relaxation. Need a little inspo? Follow us on Spotify and check out our spa playlist.

Inhale. Exhale. What do you smell? Scent is one of the most powerful ways we can trigger memories and emotions. Beyond making your space smell nice (no one likes a stinky spa) choosing scented products thoughtfully can impact the experience your clients have. Focused on deep relaxation? Try lavender. Looking for something energizing and invigorating? Citrus. Try using a reed diffuser, room spray, or scented candles for an added scent boost during appointments.

So much of the spa experience is dependent on touch and connection. But it’s important to consider non-human touch, too. Things like linens and towels, skincare products, and even the feel of your uniform as a service provider are all impactful parts of creating the best experience possible for clients. Our uniforms are all made from stretchy, breathable materials to keep you cool and comfortable while treating your clients and they’re beautifully tailored for a superior fit meaning you won’t spend all day fidgeting and readjusting.

Eating in the spa might be a no-no, but we all know hydration is a major component of skincare and overall health and wellness. Consider serving your clients a beverage—like fruit infused water or herbal tea—before you begin your treatment. Not only is it a simple gesture with some big benefits, but it also gives you a few extra minutes to finish setting up and preparing your space between appointments.

What do you to do make your spa the place to be for clients? Join the conversation on Instagram @noelasmaruniforms to share your tips and tricks with us and tag us in your photos for a chance to be featured.

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