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Our stylish work uniforms are designed specifically to allow you and your team to deliver exception service to your customers and clients. Shop easily by uniform category to find clothing that commands attention and elevates your brand in any industry.





Spa & Beauty
The spa and beauty industry is defined by aesthetics and luxurious comfort. Choose from our runway-ready spa and beauty collection to help your team deliver a memorable experience. We have options for spas, salons, massage therapists, estheticians, and more.
Hotel & Hospitality
Your hotel guests expect exquisite style and a unified brand appeal when they enter the lobby. Select from our hotel and hospitality collection to find tailored pieces for each member of your team.
Medical & Dental
Medical and dental teams need fashionable, functional attire designed for fast-paced, patient-focused care. View our complete medical and dental collection, crafted from the first stitch for the way your team moves within the treatment space. We have options for hospitals, home care, dental offices, medical spas, and more.


Terri W

"Love these uniforms. So comfortable, it's amazing how long they last."

Ubalda O

"I have been using Noel Asmar uniforms for the past 5+ years and they are made of the highest quality material and are very comfortable."

Kris G

"These are truly the best thing I wear to work. Regular scrubs wear out relatively quickly. These uniforms are classy and wear like iron."

Jennifer L

"Love the fit, material is amazing. Will definitely purchase more colors."

Our team of uniform consultants has the experience and the expertise to guide you and your team through the uniform selection and implementation process, creating a uniform program that works with your organization and branding.
Data Shows Uniforms Linked to Trust
The latest stats show 94% of consumers prefer staff to wear uniforms, while 93% of people say it reflects well on a business. Hotels and spa facilities can particularly benefit from the right uniform to empower their team and create the ultimate brand experience for their clientele. When industry-leading iconic brands such as the Four Seasons and MGM Grand select their uniforms, they depend on Noel Asmar Uniforms to deliver the exquisite style and attention to detail their clients and team expects. Our tailored uniforms match the brand’s distinct aesthetic, combining practical performance with the pinnacle of style for inspired client experiences. From the moment you start your uniform search to the final delivery of your team’s tailored attire, Noel Asmar Uniforms is your style guide.

Make a Powerful Impression
Noel Asmar Uniforms creates uniforms that resonate for the spa and beauty, medical and dental, and hospitality industries. The uniforms we design are built to connect your brand with each client and spotlight the importance your company places on style, performance, and professionalism.

Leading Uniform Store Innovation Since 2002
Noel Asmar Uniforms was founded upon the principle that uniforms should be Made For the Way You Move while making you look and feel your best. We've always focused on caring for you, while you care for everyone else, and built a brand recognized with industry awards from WellSpa 360 and American Spa for our fabric quality, fit, and functionality.

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