Tips for Buying Your First Set of Scrubs as a Student

Tips for Buying Your First Set of Scrubs as a Student

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When working toward a healthcare career, one of the most exciting milestones is purchasing your first set of scrubs. These comfortable and functional garments are more than just a uniform; they're an essential tool for nurses, medical students, and healthcare professionals. However, navigating the world of scrubs can be a bit overwhelming, especially for those new to the field. 


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From understanding your school's dress code to selecting the right fit and style, this blog post will provide you with valuable tips to make your first scrub shopping experience a successful one. So, whether you're a nursing student about to begin your clinical rotations or simply curious about what to consider when investing in this vital part of your professional wardrobe, read on for expert guidance on buying your first set of scrubs.

  1. Check Your School's Dress Code.  Before you go shopping, make sure you are aware of your nursing school's dress code and any specific requirements they may have regarding the color, style, or brand of scrubs. Some schools have strict guidelines, while others may be more flexible.

  2. Choose the Right Fit for Your Body and Movement Style. Scrubs come in various styles, including traditional and modern cuts. It's essential to find scrubs that fit you comfortably and allow for ease of movement. Check different scrubs’ size and measurement guides, read customer reviews, and try them on before purchasing whenever possible.

  3. Consider the Color. Most nursing schools have specific color requirements for scrubs. Common colors include navy blue, ceil blue, black, and green. Some schools may allow you to choose between a few approved colors. Make sure your scrubs comply with your school's guidelines.

  4. Prioritize Fabric Type and Durability. Look for scrubs made from high-quality, durable fabric. Prioritize lightweight, stretchy, and breathable materials, always considering the demands of your nursing program – as you'll be wearing these scrubs for extended periods.

  5. Check for Pockets and Functionality. Nurses need pockets to carry essential items like pens, scissors, notepads, and medical equipment. Opt for scrubs with ample pockets and consider their placement for convenience and usability.

  6. Make Sure They’re Easy to Clean. Hospitals and healthcare settings can be messy, so choose scrubs that are easy to clean and maintain. Check the scrubs’ “fabric care” standards for machine-washable materials that can be dried safely. Bonus points for stain-resistant and wrinkle-free fabrics, saving you time and effort in the long run.

  7. Consider Compression Socks. Combat the fatigue, swelling, and discomfort caused by long hours on your feet with compression socks. Compression socks provide graduated pressure to promote better blood circulation in the feet and legs, enhancing overall comfort and improving on-the-job wellbeing.

  8. Don’t Forget Comfortable Footwear. While not directly related to scrubs, comfortable and supportive shoes are crucial for nurses. Invest in a good pair of nursing shoes that will keep your feet comfortable during long shifts.

  9. Buy Multiple Sets. Whenever possible (and within your budget) It's a good idea to have several sets of scrubs. This both extends the lifespan of each of your sets and ensures you always have a clean, professional-looking uniform ready. Aim for at least three to five sets to rotate through.

Remember that as a nursing student, your scrubs are not just a uniform but also a part of your professional identity. Take your time when choosing them to ensure you are comfortable, compliant with school requirements, and ready for the practical demands of nursing school and your future career.


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