Blending Tunics & Scrubs for the Perfect Dental Uniform Setup

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Dental offices are a unique use-case for considering design and style because they often are tasked with blending two themes that aren’t exactly compatible – the clean and sterile atmosphere of the medical world, with the calm and welcoming aesthetic of a spa or health center. 

Patients want signals of professionalism, high standards, and cutting-edge technology, while also having their fear or anxiety assuaged by signals of comfort or relaxation. This balance is usually achieved by color palettes, furniture and decor, and lighting, but it can also be achieved through uniform choice.

A well-designed and thoughtfully implemented uniform is a tool for dental offices to reflect their brand and queue patients into the kind of experience they can expect from their visit (read more about harnessing the power of the uniform here). And the style of uniforms should be as strategic as any design or decor choice.


Dr. Susan Prater, an aesthetic and digital dentist, speaks to her uniform considerations for both herself and her staff, commenting, “I look for a uniform that is not only breathable, comfortable, and functional, but also something that empowers me and them.”

She continues, “I want my patients to know I take my job seriously. My uniform communicates that I take the highest care of myself and I’m going to do the same for them.”

PC: @dr_seuzz wearing the Jada Tunic in XS.

What makes a good dental uniform?

There’s a lot that goes into achieving the title of a “quality dental uniform.” Here are a few of the aspects we think are the most important:


1. It Conveys a Clean and Professional Appearance. The uniform should convey a clean and professional look. It should be well-fitted, free of wrinkles, and in good condition. A polished appearance can enhance the credibility of the dental staff and instill confidence in patients.


2. It Meets Hygiene and Safety Standards. Dental offices require a high level of hygiene and safety. The uniform should be easy to clean and disinfect to maintain a sterile environment. Fabrics must be able to withstand frequent washing, wear, and exposure to disinfectants.


3. It’s Comfortable. Dental professionals often spend long hours on their feet, so comfort is essential. Breathable fabrics allow for easy movement, and thoughtful design with proper ventilation can contribute to comfort throughout shifts.


4. It Accommodates Movement. Dental procedures require a range of movements, so the uniform must be Made For the Way You Move. Stretchable and lightweight materials can provide the necessary flexibility without compromising the professional look and feel.


5. It Has Functional Design Features. The work of dental professionals is specialized – and their uniforms should be too. Design features like pockets for small tools and equipment improve the day-to-day functionality of their uniforms.

Dr. Susan Prater relies on Noel Asmar Uniforms for outfitting her and her staff, but has taken a unique approach in doing so. Opting for both the tunic and scrub styles throughout her tenure, she has relied on the high-quality, high-design nature of all Noel Asmar uniforms to achieve a cohesive look.

Blending scrubs and tunics within an office can not only provide fit and cost options for team members, but could be used to subtly signal different positions within the team to patients – like, the tunic top for a lead and the scrub styles for supporting members, thus bolstering credibility and trust where its most needed. 

The benefits of Noel Asmar scrubs within a dental office speak for themselves, as they look and feel great on all bodies, even in the often demanding environment of a dental office. Susan paired the Emeline Scrub top and Susan Regular Multi-pocket Joggers in jade green, loving the way they “perfectly blend fashion, fit, function, and comfort into sophisticated and stylish uniforms.”


 PC: dr_suezz is 5’6, 125 lbs wearing:
1st outfit: Jada Black Jacket w/ gold zipper XS and Compression Leggings XS
2nd outfit: Top-Emiline-Jade Green-XXS
Bottoms-Susan-Jade Green-XXS
3rd outfit: Ibiza Pant Charcoal XXS
Zoe Tunic Charcoal XXS and Jada Charcoal Jacket with Silver zipper XS


Now loving the tunic style for herself and her team, she reflects, “I feel confident and empowered wearing my favorite Jada Tunic. The fit is tailored and flattering. The tunic is stylish and professional. Confidence builds trust, and to me that is priceless.”

PC: @dr_suezz in the Florence Scrub top in Mauve.

Noel Asmar shares the ethos behind the function, fit, and quality stitched into every detail of her uniforms, noting, “Putting on a uniform is the first step in getting ready for work every day. It can be uplifting if the uniform is flattering and makes someone feel like part of a team they are proud of.”

She continues, “Our uniforms are for professionals who have made it their job to care for others, and we’ve made it our job to care for the caregiver.” So whether you opt for your favorite tunic styles or scrub combinations for your dental office (or a clever combination of the two) – when you’re choosing Noel Asmar, you can be sure you’re choosing the *perfect* uniform.

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