The linen is faux; the benefits are real.

What your uniforms are made of matters. In addition to impacting the overall look of the uniform, it can impact how you feel when wearing it. Does it stretch? Breathe? Hold its shape? Is it quick drying? Will it pill? You need a uniform that works as hard as you, and makes it look effortless.

Enter Faux Linen. Our award-winning fabric offers you the best of both worlds—the cool, chic, carefree and relaxed look of linen with the high-performing durability you need from the clothes you wear to work. The fabric has a slight stretch that lets you bend, crouch, lean, reach, and even bust a move and dance with ease. Time to wash it? No worries. Faux linen is machine washable and won’t fade or pill, even in industrial machines—we promise.

Our Faux Linen Collection includes a range of tunics and pants in several soft neutral colors and of course, classic black to match any style, brand, or business. Create a coordinated look or mix and match colors for a unique uniform ensemble that’s sure to make you recognizable and memorable to your clients.

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