We like to think of ourselves as trendsetters when it comes to spa uniforms. It’s our mission to ensure you feel confident, polished, and professional. But it doesn’t stop there.

Taking care of the planet, in addition to our clients, is at the core of what we do and as we celebrate our 20-year anniversary this year (happy birthday to us!) we want to make sure our next 20 years are even more sustainable and gentler on Mother Earth.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce EcoSignature, an eco-friendly material with a better end-of-life outcome. EcoSignature is made from biodegradable polyester and spandex, ensuring your spa uniform is comfortable, durable, and when it’s lived its life, can safely degrade releasing no harmful substances into the environment.

There’s no surprises. The fabric looks, lasts, and performs the same as our Signature fabric you know and love making it an easy transition that you and your team will feel good about. All the same styles, colors, and extensive size range from our Signature Collection will be available in EcoSignature ensuring you’ll be dressed for success as you care for clients, and the planet, too.

The EcoSignature fabric will gradually replace our Signature fabric over the coming months as stock as replenished, with pieces beginning to hit shelves this summer.

Explore all our tunics, tops, and pants now and discover the difference of a spa uniform that’s Made For the Way You Move.