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How to Stay Cool & Dress for the Summer Heat in Scrubs, Uniforms, & Spa Tunics

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Staying comfortable is an important aspect of a positive work experience, with comfort being one of the highest contributors to productivity, creativity, and stress-regulation in the workplace. But, as temperatures rise in the summer months, with heat and humidity often infiltrating our work spaces, the clothing we wear can either help or hinder our efforts to stay cool and comfortable while engaging in the everyday roles and responsibilities of the job.

When it comes to choosing a medical or spa uniform for the summer heat, it's crucial to prioritize comfort, breathability, and functionality. Here are some tips for dressing to stay cool, even in the hottest summer months: 

1. Try a baselayer or underscrub  

It might seem counterintuitive to add layers as a way to cool down, but base layers are essential for anyone wearing medical scrubs or spa tunics. Not only do our Noel Asmar Uniforms base layers keep you sun-safe with UPF50 protection, but they’re made from moisture-wicking materials that can keep you cool and dry throughout your day. 

2. Consider a new style

On the flip side, sometimes less really is more when it comes to dressing for the heat. Short sleeve or sleeveless styles are a great option for keeping cool (and chic) throughout the summer months. Within these styles, look for fabrics that are lightweight and breathable to prevent overheating, or opt for a flattering, easily-adjustable wrap top, like our Andiamo or Laurel styles. These promote even more stretch, movement, and versatility – all essential components of the perfect summer uniform. 

3. Size up for added airflow

Loose fitting designs, especially those made from lightweat materials, allow air to freely circulate around the body, helping to keep you cool even on the hottest of days. Sizing up your uniform for the summer months, or avoiding tight-fitting or restrictive styles, can help mitigate the heat-trapping effect that contributes to discomfort or feelings of unease within your clothing selections. 

4. Opt for lighter shades

When dressing for the summer heat, we recommend choosing uniforms in light colors such as whites, light neutrals, or pastels. Light-colored clothing reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it, which in turn, helps to keep you cool. If lighter shades aren’t in your repertoire, consider adding strategic pops of color to your whites or pastels, allowing you to incorporate some fun or flash (or match your company’s branding), without detracting from the cooling effects of light shades.

5. Embrace Body-Mapping technology

Body Mapping is a technique used in clothing design that uses different materials to construct a garment based on the wearer's needs. In many of our designs, we use body mapping to add stretchy side panels to tops for more movement, or back vents for added breathability, ensuring your uniform is truly Made For the Way You Move™.

Show off how you’re styling your tunics and scrubs to stay cool this summer and tag us @noelasmaruniforms for a chance to be featured.

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