The Impact of Uniform Colors on the Patient Experience: A Closer Look

The Impact of Uniform Colors on the Patient Experience: A Closer Look

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In healthcare, the patient's environment plays a crucial role in their overall experience and health outcomes, a factor often overlooked but nonetheless deserving of attention.

Alice Domar, director of the Center for Women’s Health at the Mind Body Medical Institute of Harvard University, highlights the significance of a hospital or health facility’s environmental factors, stating, “Research has shown that patients who look at boats and beaches pre-op do much better in surgery.” She emphasizes the importance of aesthetics, particularly for women, noting that a well-designed environment instills confidence during hospital stays.

Moreover, the attire worn by hospital staff contributes significantly to this environment, with color being a key consideration for patient perception.

Alan Kay, president of Howard Uniforms, underscores the importance of color for catering to patient needs, stating, “These things are done mostly for the patient. [Colorful] uniforms cheer them up and make them feel comfortable.” 


Patient Experience and Aesthetics Impact Profitability

This aesthetic-forward philosophy not only has positive impacts on the patient but also on the facility’s bottom line. As described in the New York Times Guide to Alternative Health, paying attention to aesthetics is a key factor in attracting clients who might otherwise opt for private wellness centers, thus increasing their profitability, overall.

Commenting on this, Jack of Hackensack University Hospital explained, “We want to do everything with style and class, from installing mahogany paneling in the hospital’s main lobby to providing high-quality products in our spa.”

Hospitals and medical care centers have followed suit over the past decade, and the trend seems to just be getting started.


In the USA News article, “Hospitals Use Spa Amenities as Competitive Advantage,” Ruth Koloms Gross, maternal child educator, describes how hospitals are using amenities and design sensibilities to have a competitive edge. 

As a way to stand out in the crowded healthcare region of Chicago, Koloms Gross shared her design ethos as aiming for "a more peaceful feel" with facilities that "convey a spa environment." These facilities are more attractive and are chosen at higher rates over those who don’t consider the patient experience and environment.

NAU Blends Spa Aesthetics with Color Theory in their Scrub Line

Noel Asmar Uniforms (NAU) exemplifies this trend by designing scrubs that marry functional requirements with evolving style preferences. NAU's unique color palette draws inspiration from nature, offering hues that evoke a sense of tranquility and renewal without appearing sterile or dull.

The deliberate choice of colors aims to foster feelings of safety and calmness for patients amidst the often stressful healthcare environment. NAU's approach reflects a deeper understanding of the psychological impact of colors on the patient experience. Read more about the symbolism of colors as it relates to uniforms here.

“Our color palette is unique,” Noel Asmar shares. “We have leaned into a twist on neutrals, reaping the calming effects of shades found in nature, without being too sterile or dull.”

In general, the integration of spa aesthetics and color theory in healthcare uniforms underscores the industry's evolving focus on enhancing patient well-being through thoughtful design choices.

Signature Asmar Scrubs Colors

Royal Blue

Royal Blue is a bright color reminiscent of a cloudless, mid-summer blue sky. It evokes feelings of trust, cleanliness and energy.



Caribbean Blue

Caribbean Blue is a slightly more subdued color that looks like the fresh, blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. It evokes feelings of calmness and tranquility.




Mauve is a soft, pale pink-purple color, like a delicate blush. It's gentle and subtle, adding a touch of elegance to anything it adorns.



Jade Green

Jade Green is a fresh, pale green-blue tone inspired by the precious jade stone. It is a soothing tone, that is easy on the eyes and brings with it a sense of calm.


Heather Gray

Heather gray is a muted, soft gray color with hints of subtle warmth, like the color of overcast skies. It's understated and versatile, blending well with various palettes.



Indigo is a color reminiscent of the sky just before dawn. It's bold and classic, evoking a sense of calm and competence.


Emily is size 2. She is wearing XS.


Navy is a dark blue color, similar to the tones of the deep ocean. It's classic and timeless, adding a sense of sophistication to any look.



Black is a dark color with no hue, like a cloudless night sky. It's sleek and versatile, often associated with elegance and formality.

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