5 Things to Check When Uniform Shopping

5 Things to Check When Uniform Shopping

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After the hustle and bustle of winter holidays, it’s nice to take a moment to focus on ourselves, especially in an industry dedicated to focusing on and caring for others. While it might not seem like an obvious choice of self-care, investing in a new work uniform, spa tunic, or compression leggings can have a huge impact on how you feel and perform at work. With so many options available, we’ve focused on five things to look for when uniform shopping.

1) How does it fit?
No one likes a frumpy spa uniform that’s too big in some places and too small in others. Stop tugging at your tops and tunics or constantly readjusting your bottoms and relax in pieces you know will have you covered and confident. When we create our uniforms, we put extensive time into developing the fit, and offer an inclusive size range (many Noel Asmar Uniforms are available from XXS-5XL) ensuring whatever you wear is both functional and flattering, allowing you to do your job well and better serve clients and guests.

2) What is it made from?
Your workwear can’t just fit well, it needs to feel good, too. Uniforms come in a range of comfortable fabrics each with unique benefits and all our uniform fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they’re rigorously screened and tested to ensure they are free of harmful substances.

Signature fabric
When it comes to our signature fabric, we knew it needed to stand out and set us apart from other uniforms you may have tried. Our signature fabric is breathable, durable, anti-bacterial and won’t fade.

Faux linen
There’s so much to love about linen—it’s cool, carefree, and makes you feel as though you’re relaxing at a seaside resort. We’ve taken all those great qualities and created an award-winning faux linen fabric that looks and feels like linen but performs like a durable, long-lasting uniform.

What if your uniform could help care for you? That’s exactly what compression pieces do. Compression socks and leggings provide support to help energize your legs and feet while reducing swelling and improving and regulating circulation.

Our athletic wear uses sustainable performance fabric—made from recycled water bottles—and includes a biodegradable Chitosante treatment.

The end result? A soft feeling uniform that’s sustainably made and offers a UPF50 sun protection for those working indoors and outdoors. It’s also moisture-wicking, fast-drying, odor resistant, static free, pill resistant, and likely to be your new favorite. Plus, Chitosante is the only antibacterial bio-agent in the world to be certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency—keeping you stylish and safe.

3) What color(s) are there?
Whether it’s classic black, a pop of color, or a soft neutral your uniform colors matter too. Uniforms are an extension of brand identity, décor, and aesthetic and contribute to the overall feel and experience a guest or client may have. Different pieces are available in different color options so consider mixing and matching tops and bottoms for a unique, memorable look that sets you and your team apart.

4) How does it move?
You move all day long. You need a uniform that moves with you, not against you. When looking for new tunic or uniform it’s important to consider the stretch and flow of the garment as you bend, lean, reach, crouch, sit, stand, and walk. Nobody has time to be readjusting all day long. Look for uniforms you can essentially wear and forget about—until someone reminds you how great you look in it.

5) How is it detailed?
Zippers? Ties? Pockets? Stitching? Tailoring? They might seem like little things, but the little things matter. Are the pockets big enough to hold your keys or phone? Do the ties stay done up? Are the sleeves the right length? All these thoughtful details can make your uniform more functional as you go about your day-to-day routine.

Still can’t decide? Talk to an expert. Our team has decades of experience in hospitality and wellness and can help make recommendations so you’re dressed for success in uniforms made for the way you move.™

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