Face Mask Collection

Masks that Match.

Spas have always been a place of wellness where hygiene practices were already present. As we look to implement protective apparel, our primary objective is to create functional, quality, sustainable pieces that work to maintain the look and feel of spa and hospitality. Protecting our staff and our guests will be a primary consideration in order for everyone to feel safe and confident. 

We have added flattering, machine-washable, tailored face masks to match our uniform fabric and colors. These reusable masks are thoughtfully designed to be comfortable, offer proper coverage, and look as though they were always meant to be part of the uniform.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Fabric

Certified free of harmful substances

Adjustable Wrap-Around Head Strap

Designed to avoid ear irritation

Breathable Fabric

Designed for all-day comfort and less voice muffling

Adjustable Soft Metal Nose Band

Customized fit for every face shape


MODERN Face Mask

In the Details

An adjustable wrap-around head strap and soft metal nose band help create a perfect, tailored fit. Our face masks also have a name tag on the inside to safely and effectively identify the owner. Noel Asmar masks are non-medical grade, but feature a pocket for a medical-grade filter.


“From my perspective these are one of the best masks we have received. The adjustable strap is a great feature (first one I have seen and we are testing a good number), the adjustable nose is a plus, the masks look nice and the material is soft on the face.”
- Anonymous


MODERN Face Mask