Sustainable Collection

"Fashion that contributes to a well world"

Explore our technical, high performance collection of sustainable spa uniforms made from recycled water bottles. In lieu of bottles ending up in landfills the bottles are crushed, pelleted and spun into fabric that we use to make uniforms.  Our Sustainable Performance Fabric is enhanced with ChitoSanté, a biodegradable treatment that is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency, which provides a naturally occurring anti-bacterial, odor resistant, and moisture wicking benefit for the wearer. The treatment enhances the fabric softness and provides a powerful UPF50 sun protection that blocks 97.5+% of UV radiation exposure. They are as good for Mother Earth as they are for employee wellness.

* 100% recycled.         * UPF 50 Sun protection
* Breathable.                * Durable
* Fast Drying                * Moisture Wicking
* Hygienic                    * Odour resistant 
* Anti-bacterial             * Static Free
* Pill resistant               * Non-toxic treatment 

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